About us

At Mantis Equity, we deliver first class capital and asset management services for our shareholders. With operations spanning the globe, we acquire and manage a wide range of investment products, such as equities, securities, real estate and start up ventures in order to ensure consistent, industry leading investment returns for our members.


  • Real Estate

    With interests spanning several continents, our portfolio of real estate holdings is suitably diversified.

  • Stock Portfolio

    From tech companies to consumer goods, our research teams work dilligently to ensure that our investors enjoy a wealth of investment choices.

  • Investment Funds

    With investment funds to suit a healthy span of budgets and record return on investment year on year, we are especially proud of our ivestment fund management record.

  • Venture Capital

    From seeding stage to development capital, we love the dynamic nature of the African market and are committed to seeing our investment partners succeed in their ventures

  • Start Up Loans

    We understand the frustration of working with some of the older establishment organizations when you are starting out so we make time to help the little guy get on the ladder to financial success.

  • Alternative Investments

    In Africa, not everything is as it seems. We know this from experience, so we have a keen eye for value and our ability to invest in the unusual is not hampered by lack of foresight.